Belgorod-Dnestrovsky fights against the "Barvinenko clan"

Belgorod-Dnestrovsky fights against the «Barvinenko clan»


In the Odessa region, the unification of the communities in the framework of the state reform of decentralization is in full swing. But here and there this process is accompanied by frank dirty tricks and sabotage. The actual failure of decentralization in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky is explained by the active reluctance of local «princes» to share spheres of influence.

The city council of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky in the person of Mayor Alla Ginak at one time took the initiative to unite with the district center 21 settlements within a radius of 25 km, as required by law. Among them — the resort Zatoka, the notorious Mologa with a mega-dump, as well as Shabo, Salgan and Britova. Because of which, in fact, the story of the association has already reached the prosecutor’s office.

According to local public figures, the authors and sponsors of an unprecedented campaign against decentralization in the district are the deputy of the Odessa regional council Dmitry Barvinenko and his son Vitaly Barvinenko, the people’s deputy. By the way, widely known for the fact that he managed to run from the «Fatherland» to the Party of Regions in just a couple of years, and thence to «Vidrodzhennya» of the richest parliamentarian of Ukraine Khomutynnik.

Immediately after the Mayor of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky came forward with the initiative of unification, strange gatherings of citizens were held in the villages of the future district. On which — in the presence of Barvinenko and other deputies — invariably condemned herself as Ginak, and allegedly the future misadventures of new communities. It is noteworthy that Valery Lobanov, chairman of the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky district council, his deputy Valentina Orlova, deputies of the district council and representatives of the RGA, went everywhere to the meetings for Barvinenko.

Here is what is written about this on the website of People’s Deputy Barvinenko: «People are outraged by the criminal pressure with which Alla Ginak is trying to pick up for herself, there is no village, they absolutely do not need it, and not people, but the budget that forms rural communities. Commercial interest, as they say, on the face. »

However, only three out of two and a half dozen settlements from decentralization have refused. Why?

The answer to this question is given in his Facebook blogger Anna Cherkasova.

«There is a feeling that the voluntary association of the city with the villages of the district has been successfully failed. Despite the laws of Ukraine, some clever rules, rules and a bunch of pleasant «propositions» from the authors of the idea of ​​creating a «big family», she writes. — Yes, «regional elites» do not need changes for the better! They are afraid of us, like a virus of meningitis — of sunlight. You imitated the debates in the villages with ordinary people and decided — there should not be any union, we, they say, are self-sufficient villages. On our own, somehow … Let’s winter … Or between ourselves «get married». What do we need this city for? … »

According to Cherkasova, explaining to villagers what exactly awaits them after the unification, Barvinenko’s partners simply deceived them: «At the same time, the self-centered and short-sighted» elite «of the district (and its looking from BP itself!) Have come to grips with the professionalism, all elections «in the old-fashioned way». Lies so lie! Will Britain become a city cemetery? Yeah! Mologa — a city dump? DAAA! And about that, that the British will choke in the г .. Without city КНС — have forgotten. That the Milk had already been turned into a Lvov dump, and Lobanov (read, Barvinenko himself) received his gesheft for this business-they did not say! Salgan, with their constant vigorous «leader,» was not asked why so much noise is raised around the long-term youth center with a wildly inflated budget?

Meanwhile, according to official data, only for the last two years the leadership of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, thanks to increased funding under the law on decentralization, managed to increase the local budget severalfold. On the money received, roads have already been laid, new sidewalks have appeared, the emergency stadium has been renovated, reconstruction in medical institutions, kindergartens and schools is underway, equipment is being purchased, targeted social programs are being implemented.

«Unite with us — and we will become stronger, richer, more successful, more productive,» the Mayor of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Alla Ginak convinces the villagers. «No one will close your kindergartens and schools.» On the contrary, in the villages (with a new method of using budgetary funds), you will build sidewalks, patch roads, build a long-awaited water pipeline and start inexpensive public transport at urban prices, because we are one huge group! It is likely to cancel parental fees in schools! «.

According to her, there is nothing to be afraid of here and rural heads — they will enter the new executive committee and calmly start real solution of the problems of their villages at the expense of the full-fledged budget of the bulk and subventions from the Cabinet.

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