Scandalous deputy Barvinenko could not hide one of his mistresses

Scandalous deputy Barvinenko could not hide one of his mistresses


Today, July 1, Vitaly Barvinenko, People’s Deputy from the party «Vidrodzhennya», was shown in the community of the group «Deputati.FotoLiks» on Facebook, where photographs of correspondence with girls named Olya and Vera were posted.

Some Olga suggested that they spend the evening together, and with Vera everything was more serious, because the deputy could not immediately understand what gift a girl expects from him. KievPravda managed to find one of the participants in the correspondence in social networks. The girl’s name is Vera Almazova, she lives in Kiev and, as indicated in her Facebook profile, is also from the capital. It was the faith of the People’s Deputy Barvinenko who asked «not to make him nervous,» but to speak directly what she wants. Vera Almazova is 24 years old. Having an attractive appearance, the girl is fond of modeling business, which became clear from her profile photos. In addition, Vitaly Barvinenko himself does not forget to take photos of her. From this it can be understood that they are familiar and the young individual attracts a deputy. On her page, Almazova in the column «Education» noted the Kharkov National University of Internal Affairs. But, unfortunately, it is not known whether she is studying or graduating. The girl very often posts herself with records related to Ukraine (supports her country), with charity, with plastic operations (perhaps she did herself), as well as records dedicated to the relationship of a man and a woman. Quite interesting is the post Almazova under the title «When a strong man comes», which tells what a woman feels when a man appears in her life. Perhaps, this entry is dedicated to MP Barvinenko, who became a support for the girl. As for Vitaly Barvinenko himself, KievPravda learned that the People’s Deputy is married and has a son. There is no information about his wife.

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